Sunday, September 23, 2012

ExplOregon coast vacation: Cape Blanco State Park.

Cape Blanco was a recommendation from another friend.  It was so nice, we stayed there twice. But first we made a few pit stops along the Samuel H. Boardman State Corridor scenic bypass.

Arch Rock

sea cave at Sisters Rock

Frankport Beach

and of course, the Prehistoric Gardens

Anyway, top five awesome things about Cape Blanco State Park, in no particular order:

1.  The trails around the park, which were lovely themselves and which led to beautiful views, stunning beaches, and historical pioneer sites.  Lots of fun to just wander through tunnels of trees to see what we could see.

we saw a deer here

we didn't see much here
(closed due to high winds)
but I hear it's the oldest Oregon lighthouse

2. I've said it before and I'll probably say it a bazillion more times - sunsets!  I really don't know how anyone lives on the east coast. I really don't.

first day

second day - with lighthouse action!

3. The campsites at the park were (once again) really nice.  Ours was a little small but surrounded by wonderfully tall trees that swayed pretty ferociously the first night - it was hard to tell if we were hearing the ocean or the trees.  Small or not, having the ocean as your "backyard" for two days is an awfully sweet deal.

campsite A44

4.  The beaches were stunning.  No surprise, really.  The wind was pretty fierce the first day but we still enjoyed a nice beach walk with complementary face and foot sand exfoliant.

a small perspective of the massive wind that day

deceptively calm

Day 2 was much calmer... although you wouldn't know it from the pictures. 

north side beach

calm or not, I don't know that I would've attempted
to surf in that washing machine of waves
(no, that's not Patrick)

5.  Chipmunks.  Those chipmunks were so darned cute.


We also sidetracked to Humbug Mountain for a 5 mile hike on Day 2. (I just learned that this is the highest mountain on the Oregon coast.  Neat!)  The forest was beautiful but didn't allow for many views south and north.

humbug indeed

the lazy harbor seals agreed

It was a great walk though. And really, it's hard to not be happy about anything that happens on a day without a cubicle!

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